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The 2014 Raid Details


The Raid in the Sperrins

The Sperrins are the largest and least explored mountain range in Northern Ireland. With some of Ireland’s most spectacular and stunning scenery as a backdrop, this is the perfect location to get an extraordinary experience. An exciting new route awaits offering lots of challenges along the undulating mountains and moorlands but don’t let the soft, rolling countryside and wonderfull scenery fool you. Along the way you’ll find some great trails for both biking and running/trekking, beautiful rivers and you’ll also be taking in some of Irelands finest historical and heritage sites.  

The Raid is one of Irelands toughest adventure races, which will include hill running/trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and orienteering.

Race Schedule 

  • Friday 24th October

Teams can use the Event HQ hall to sleep in the night before the race, access to the hall will not be until 8pm.

  • Saturday 25th October 2014

Registration will open from 08:00hrs please try to arrive as early as you can.

• 08:00 - 10:00 Teams arrive, registration & kit check
• 08:00 - 10:00 Issue of race  bibs, route instructions, timing chip per team member and race maps

• 11:00 - 11:30 Final race briefing inside hall

• 12:00 - 12:30 Starts (This years race wont be a mass start)

  • Sunday 26th October 2014

• 12:00 - 12:30 Teams finish

• 18:00 - 18:30 Post race refreshments
• 18:30 - 19:00 Prize giving

Event Centre

The event HQ will be in Sixtowns Community Centre, this is about 7km southwest of Draperstown along the Sixtowns Road; the centre will be on the right hand side shortly after a school. If you reach the Shepherds Rest pub which is on the left hand side you’ve gone about 1.5km to far. You’ll want to sign on in good time as living it to 10am will put you and your team under real pressure to get your maps marked up and kit box sorted.


Address for those with Sat Nav.

Sixtowns Community Centre,
Sixtowns Road,

Co Londonderry,
BT45 7BH.

And route planner links below for those without Sat Nav.

AA Route Planner

RAC Route Planner

Parking, Registration & Kit check


Car Parking for the event will be in the Sixtowns Community Centre Carpark.

Registration will take place in the hall, toilets and showers will be available inside. You will also have to sign on for the event so please come

together with your team mate. We will then issue you with your SI card (timing chip) and race bibs, both these need to be returned after the event. We will also give you your route details for the day, this will give you you're first sneek preview of the route ahead.

Kit Check
There will be a spot kit check on some of your safety items.

Start Area
This years event will start from the event centre.


Sportident Timing System

Many of you will of used this timing system before but some may not of used it, if you're not sure about it make sure you let us know when you arrive and we'll give you a quick demo, it's really simple to use so there's nothing to worry about.

The timing chips are expensive so if you loose yours you will have to pay for a replacement which depending on the type we use will cost between £30-£60.

At certain stages of the race you may also have to use the old orienteering punches, details of when you need to use these will be on your route instruction sheet which you will get before the start of the event.

Finish & Download

The finish will be back at the hall, once you've finished you will need to make your way to the event HQ and head to the download point where you have to download and return your Sportident timing chip plus both of your race bibs. It's very important that you return here even if you do retire from the event, do not remove your timing chip, we will do this for you.

Showers will be available after the event.

Post Race Food
We will have soup, sandwiches and the normal spread straight after the race, later in the evening we will have a sit down dinner for everyone in the Shepherds Rest, we'll do prize giving here after dinner, so join us for a bite to eat and a pint of beer.


We'll have the prize giving ASAP after the last team crosses the finish line. Thanks to the help from Jackson Sports the winning teams will get shopping vouchers.

Mandatory Kit List

Team Kit

  • 1 X Set of OS Maps and Orienteering Maps (all supplied, teams will need some means to waterproof the OS Maps, all other maps will already be laminated.
  • 1 X Indelible felt tip pen
  • 1 X Mobile phone (with dry bag)
  • 1 X First aid kit (1crepe bandage, 1 triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 1 wound dressing & 6 adhesive
  • dressings as a minimum)
  • 1 X Bike repair kit (at least sufficient to repair puncture)
  • 1 X Compass
  • 1 X Kit Box
  • 1 X Shelter tent big enough for ALL your team (to be carried at all times)
  • 8 X Glowsticks

Individual Kit

  • 1 X Front bike light (a good headtorch will do) 
  • 1 X Rear
  • 1 X Mountain bike
  • bike light
  • 1 X Spare batteries for all lights                          
  • 1 X Cycle helmet                                           
  • 1 X Whistle
  • 1 X Headtorch
  • 1 X Space blanket/bag (foil or orange type) 
  • 1 X Full leg cover (must be carried if not worn)
  • 1 X Spare Long Sleeved Top
  • 1 X Waterproof Coat
  • 1 X Waterproof Leggings
  • 1 X Small rucksac
  • 1 X Full change of clothes for after the event (Recommended not Mandatory)
  • Drink (Recommened to bring enough to last 26 hours)
  • Suitable food / energy source (Recommened to bring enough to last 26 hours)


Water at TA’s

Will you have fresh water for us?

Yes. We will have fresh water at all the transition areas and you can also put water or other drinks in your kit box.


Do we need a front light on our bikes?

Lights need to be fitted to your bike at all times, in the kit list we have said that a head torch will do as a front light, clearly this means you don’t have to have a front light fitted but it may be to your advantage to use both if you have them.

How many hours will it be dark for and how much biking/trekking will we be doing?

See the table below, each team may be doing a different amount of biking/trekking depending on the speed of the team, as a rough estimate allow 1-6hrs treking and 7-12hrs for biking.

Rising and setting times for the Sun







25 Oct 2013



9h 35m 25s


26 Oct 2013



9h 31m 17s


All times are in local time for Belfast
Note* Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, 27 October 2013, 02:00 and this is accounted for above. For all intents and proposes of the event daylight saving time will not change for teams at 2am, so you will have an extra hour added at this point, which means you will have an extra hour.

Kit Boxes

How many times will we see our kit boxes?

You’ll have access to your kit boxes 4 times during the race.

When do we have to hand over our kit boxes?

Kit boxes need to be transported to TA2 so we don’t need them handed in until 12:00hrs at the very latest.


When do we have to hand over our bikes?

You'll be starting on bikes so no need to hand them in this year.

Do we need wetsuits?

We haven’t requested them on the kit list but teams do have to make some choices for themselves, it’s your call, this years kayak stage will be at night so teams need to consider if they want to use wetsuits for the paddle section or not, wetsuits if packed into a wetbag we will transport them to the start of the kayak back to the finish for you.

Which tyres should we use?

This is your call; brief details of the stages will be listed above nearer the time of the event.

Which running shoes should we use?

Again it’s your call; most of the running/trekking will be off road although some sections will be on tarmac.

Can we wear SPD’s?

Sure you can, wear what you like, you may be off your bike for some sections (hike a bike) and it’ll be up to you to carry your running shoes.


Which maps will we be using?

We will be supplying all the maps for the race; these will either be printed out on A4 sections, controls will be overprinted onto them and they will all be laminated. These will range from 1:50,000 OS maps to orienteering maps of different scales or we may provide teams with OSNI maps, in this case they will not have checkpoints marked on them and they will not be waterproof, we will notify teams in advance which system we will use.

Can you let us know which OS sheets we’ll be on, we would like to get an extra set so more that more than one of us can navigate?

The race route may cover up to four different 1:50,000 OS sheets and is also partly covered by the 1:25,000 Sperrins OS map, we don’t think it’s worth buying all the sheets and we think that you’ll have plenty to manage looking after one set of maps.

Prize Giving

When will the prize giving take place?

Prize giving will be in the Shepherds Rest pub and will take place straight after the dinner. (appox. 19:00hrs)



At the moment it’s not looking to bad, we’ve had a lot of rain lately so it’s going to be wet underfoot even if it stays dry during the race. Forecast below says it should stay mild at night but it’s Ireland, expect anything!

Which shoes and tyres should I use?
A large part of the route will be on sealed surfaces but we will be taking advantage of as much off road as we can in the area. It's your call what type of tyre you use. Again the run section/s will be mixed although a trail shoe may the best option here.

Do I need to carry my running shoes during the bike sections?

Can you tell me more about the route?
More details to follow but in the meantime it may be useful to read the following Highway Code.